What is a Spontaneous Transformation Technique Energy Healing?

Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) is a safe system of healing. It allows you to detour your mind and access and release an emotion that is buried beneath without going into the trauma that caused the initial upset.

This formula for wellbeing has helped thousands of individuals shift withheld energy in the body to successfully liberate themselves from various ailments such as, trauma, heartache, anger, fear, resentment or feelings of lack – financial abundance etc.

What does it do?

It releases energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you well and allow you to move forward and identify who you truly are.

This process focuses on feelings of safety and support in order to allow an emotion that got withheld to finally express and give voice to it.

It teaches you to be gentle with yourself, go within, to recognise and connect to the parts of you that need healing.

How does it work?

This hour long healing takes place over a short twelve step process. Here is a breakdown of what happens during our session together:

  1. I invite you to explore and identify what is the emotion that’s upsetting you right now and where you are feeling that in your body e.g. throat, chest, solar plexus, stomach, neck.
  2. I invite you to bring your attention to that part of your body and to notice and observe that part of you that is holding this trapped emotion.
  3. We go into a gentle and safe energetic healing process, without diving into the initial upset or trauma, that allows that part of you to unwind and release this feeling that has been buried beneath.
  4. You get to validate this feeling and appreciate your mind and body for creating this amazing coping mechanism so you could survive the original upset at a time when it wasn’t safe to express or give voice to it.
  5. As this transformation occurs, you will feel a shift into a new energy where space has been created for positive change and possibility.

Who benefits?

It is designed for individuals who are ready to create new neural pathways so that they can move forward, follow their soul purpose and live their authentic life.

Every step you take towards self-care naturally creates a ripple effect to those around us and out into our wider community.

Energy healings can benefit you in many ways.

Here’s a sample of the how STT helps:
  • Successful for those with PTSD
  • Transform fears and anxieties
  • Heals back pain and other physical ailments
  • Release limiting beliefs of lack - abundance etc
  • Resolve relationship issues – partner, family, work
  • Find forgiveness
  • Find hope
  • Identify possibility
  • Sets you on a path to attract action on a higher vibration

Are you ready to take the next step to live your best life?

STT Healings cost €100 for an hour long session or book four sessions together for a discount. Book your online session now.