Four days ago, I set a deadline to write this blog but instead, I decided to vacuum and I HATE vacuuming! For the last three nights, my mind gave me a good taking to:

Why isn’t it written yet?

Oh there you are Guilt! Nice of you to show up just as I settle down to sleep!

It reminded me how I was with my son back in his schooldays:

Why haven’t you done your homework?

His sassy reply: Because I don’t feel like it!

Well, there it is! I don’t feel like writing my blog. Why? Because it’s hard! It means looking inwards and examining some deep rooted feelings of guilt.

There are many who’d never entertain the notion of holding onto an ounce of guilt but it’s a doozy to have in your repertoire of beating yourself up for stuff that doesn’t serve you well.

What happens if we simply let go? Will people think we don’t care about them anymore?

The Queen of Guilt has been hanging out with King-Fear-of-Being-Judged for far too long. It’s time to take a hike.

But hey, life is a working progress. When we notice things about ourselves that no longer serve us this is where the healing starts.

Five years ago, I worked long days with two jobs and felt guilty for not being present with family and friends due to exhaustion and burnout. But I’ve learned it’s possible to live a fulfilled life and still show love and compassion for others.

Of course, there are times when our needs take a backseat but when you spread yourself too thin, it becomes less possible to be the best version of yourself.

Imagine how good it feels to put down that big ball of ‘meh’, walk away and not look back. Now that you feel lighter and unburdened, take a look at what becomes possible now.

  • Assess what’s important versus what’s urgent. Make decisions that work best for you then notice the positive impact on your health, family and work life.
  • Saying no to things that don’t feel good leaves room to say yes to things you are aligned with.
  • Having ‘me time’ gives you space to focus on what inspires and makes you happy.