Learning ignites our ‘little grey cells’, expands our consciousness and opens a pathway to thoughts of endless possibility and opportunity.

2020 has shown us that we no longer need to jump on a bus, drive into the city or hop on a plane to learn a new skill, attend meetings or go to that all-important conference. The online world offers so much free content and people love to share.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone, set aside 10 minutes and make a conscious effort to research something that interests you so when you find yourself sinking into yet another rabbit hole, at least it might lead to a happier place.

Here are a few tips to help motivate you to take one step towards realising your dream creation or new business idea, while you continue to work:

Online Courses

A lot of the big name educators, self-help gurus, coaches etc. often share 70% free content online in an effort to draw you in.

It can be worth subscribing to newsletters via email and avail of their free no-obligation webinars when they pop up. This can lead to greatly discounted courses, often in the form of pre-recorded classes where you can learn at your own pace.  If you’re feeling brave, maybe you’ll feel comfortable enough to move on and commit to one-on-one or group live sessions.

LinkedIn offers one month’s free trial.  They have tons of online courses in there. I completed a writing course there within my first free month and ended up connecting with the author, buying her book and subscribing to her newsletter.  You can always unsubscribe within the 30 days if you’ve satisfied your curiosity.


Follow a ceramic pottery maker or sketch artist who post regular progress updates of their latest creation. You could gain insights into their work process and feel inspired to advance your own creative project.

Audiobooks & Podcasts

Pop on a set of headphones and listen to a podcast or audiobook while you are doing boring household chores, driving or out walking.

I recently discovered a little gem called Instaread. They extract key insights from best-selling books and get professional book experts to read and analyse them so we don’t have to. For an annual subscription fee, you receive an in-depth summary in text and audio format. It might save you a lot of reading time plus the cost of a book that you realistically may never read.


Platforms such as YouTube and Netflix are full of documentaries, TedX Talks and self-help gurus eager to share how easy it is to make your first million. From discovering every meditation technique since the dawn of time to learning how to plumb your own toilet, the possibilities are endless.

Committing Pen to Paper

The ‘old-fashioned’ way of discharging your thoughts to paper is still as important as ever. Studies show that the physical act of writing on paper is both relaxing and therapeutic. It helps discharge negative thoughts. Try starting a journal and see where it takes you, even if it’s just three bullet points at night or a sentence about how your day went. Get it written down and visualise your worries shutting down as you physically close the book on your day.

Dust off your quill and write your own story. All it takes is a spark of genius and next thing you know, you’ve got a New York Times bestseller on your hands.

Rosie x