Coaching is a solution focused system where a client is supported to tap into the resources they already have within and use them to create a positive impact on aspects of their lives.

A coach’s role is to create a thinking space for their client to explore:

  • what inspires and motivates
  • dreams, vision, goals or projects
  • values – our reason why
  • how to shift from doing to being
  • what’s stopping you?
  • who else benefits from this new way of being?
  • how to maintain focus and create effective results

As a Calming Coach, I teach busy mothers and working women how to feel calm in their everyday life.  Feeling calm is so much more than simply learning calming techniques, listening to meditations and journaling.

The lasting way to feel calm in your everyday life is to be empowered to take action in a way that works for you so that it increases your overall sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Everyone is ok
Everyone has their own resources
Everybody makes the best decision for themselves
Every action has a positive intention
Change is inevitable
– Ericksonian Principles of Coaching