Bringing Calm to Your Everyday Life

Hi my name is Rosie Nolan.

I help busy people learn how to take back control of their emotional health so that they can better manage their time and energy.

My calming techniques and energy healing process releases energetic blocks and limiting beliefs so you will be motivated to take positive action steps to allow your dream goals become a reality and in a way that works for you and your loved ones.

I work with people worldwide every day online and in-person at my base in Antibes, France.

Here's how I can help you



You and I will have weekly one-to-one sessions so that we can develop the right strategies for you.

This holistic coaching program blended with energy healing supports you to achieve your specific goals in a way that works with your busy schedule.

You Will Learn How To:

  • - reconnect with your authentic self
  • - prioritise work-life balance - let go of misplaced guilt, being a people-pleaser & procrastination - increase self-awareness - approach difficult situations with clarity and confidence - embrace the power of self-healing - value taking responsibility for your actions - spend more time doing the things that energise you

You will receive:

  • - One-to-one coaching calls - Daily messenger support via Whatsapp - Access to resources such as MP3 meditations, calming tips and guided practices.

If you feel like you'd benefit from one-to-one guidance towards a stress-free way of living, then this program is for you.



Get unstuck in a fast and effective way with a 90 minute coaching session. At the end of your session, you will be fully aware of what it is you want and how to get it.

When you discover how to cope with or how to make changes in your life, you will feel more in control and inspired. I help people in this situation every day.

This is what you will receive in your session:

  • - Clarity on where you are now and where you want to be
    - Awareness of what’s holding you back and the support you may need
    - A deeper understanding of what is possible for YOU when you take steps that are in alignment with your passion and vision
    - Clear guidance on how to get it
    - Your next steps to take action and start moving forward

When you get to define your own steps, results will happen quickly

How do you make this happen?

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A Reiki Energy healing is a gentle, non-invasive yet powerful and safe system of healing. It is a positive experience with its relaxing effects being immediately apparent.

Our sessions together are online via Zoom





Spontaneous Transformation Technique is a gentle system of healing that allows you to release emotional or energetic blocks that got trapped in a moment or trauma or upset, without diving into the original trauma that caused it.

Our sessions together are online via Zoom

  • “Every aspect of this course is centred around me and how I can progress from depression to happy, content and in control of my life. Over the six weeks, I’ve rediscovered myself, learned practical ways to deal with any issues in the future.”
    Mela P, Mougins
  • “I felt more strongly in myself, in touch more deeply with my potential and inner strength. It seems like this session opened up a space inside me inviting possible changes. Rosie was very empathic, gentle with a positive and uplifting attitude.”
    Eillen S, Toronto
  • “Rosie is very kind, compassionate, intuitive, and very talented. She restored my energy, focus, and heart in a few short hours. I am so grateful to have benefited from her extraordinary wisdom, guidance, and care.”
    Sofia B, Paris
  • “Amazing Reiki session! It’s a wonderful discovery and a very powerful care. I floated the whole day yesterday and again today. And I had a better sleep, much deeper.”
    Roman B, Biot
  • “In today’s society, we focus on the health of our bodies and our minds - Calming Coach switches the focus of health to our souls. More often than not, I expected our sessions to play out a particular way but they never did. Clearly, a higher power had other plans!”
    Isabelle D, Melbourne


Begin your journey by exploring more about the one-on-one program, read why I became a calming coach or try some of my meditations to help make your life just a little calmer.

If you have any questions, any time, simply pop them in the box here and I'll respond to you directly.