Learn to live free from anxiety, stress and overwhelm ... all the time.

Inside you feel like you are losing control. You wake up feeling stressed. What would it feel like to live life without stress, anxiety or nervous exhaustion?

My name is Rosie and I help busy women to feel calm all the time.

I teach simple, positive calming techniques you can use every day in a way that doesn't impact your work or family life.

These techniques transform our mind, body and soul to bring clarity and confidence in difficult situations and in a calm and positive way.


Calm is like a cat lazing in the late afternoon sunshine.

When you are calm, your breathing and heart rate becomes slower and more measured allowing you to feel relaxed. Your mind also slows and you feel better able to deal with whatever stresses comes your way.

Going from everyday stressful situations to zen-like calm is a technique you can learn. You don’t need a sunny corner like a cat. You can do it in the supermarket queue, in rush-hour traffic or in the middle of a noisy crazy house.

You can achieve all this through our one to one coaching session.

12 Weeks to a Calmer You

From Stress to Calm is a twelve week online program tailored to your needs.

As each week passes, you will feel calmer as you learn techniques to help you handle any situation life throws your way.

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One to One Sessions

Every session is direct and private between us. There are no group sessions.

We connect at a set time each week using Zoom and connect via Whatsapp if you require daily support.

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I support you with direct email and text messages throughout the entire week.You also enjoy audio, video and pdf support materials which I send to you.

These help you understand more deeply the changes within you and give you day-to-day support on your journey to calm.

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Begin your journey by exploring more about the 12 Week One on One program, read why I became a calming coach or try some of my meditations to help make your life just a little calmer.

If you have any questions, any time, simply pop them in the box here and I'll respond to you directly.