World Peace begins with Inner Peace’ – Dalai Lama

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘peace’?

Do you focus on your own peace of mind, attaining an inner peace, having a few minutes of peace and quiet to yourself or on a collective scale, World Peace?

At the beginning of lockdown here in France, Emmanuel Macron said:

‘Nous sommes en guerrre’  ‘We are at war’ with Covid19.

Those are pretty strong and terrifying words. This pandemic has been described as the biggest-worstest-mostest-everything event in peacetime living.

But it’s not peacetime living everywhere in the world.  Hundreds of thousands of people die every year in armed conflicts, civil wars, insurgencies, domestic violence or drug wars.

How many of us have given much thought to those conflicts still going on? Wouldn’t it be nice to think they dropped their weapons and went home to be with their loved ones? It’s possible but unlikely. These issues have taken a back seat in news coverage because of the more imminent fears happening on our own doorstep.

The majority of us have struggled in some way mentally, physically or emotionally in the past few months. It has been difficult to be in a peace-full place but if you do have a minute of free time, please contemplate, acknowledge, meditate or pray (whatever works for you) for those living in other forms of conflict, who were already in that situation before the pandemic took hold and will still probably be in that place long after we have returned to our new normality. Simply send them loving, healing thoughts.

In the Catholic faith, Mary, the mother of Jesus often refers to herself as the Queen of Peace. She asks her children (all of humanity) to love one another, live in peace and pray for peace.

Whatever your faith or beliefs are, I think we can all agree it is definitely worth striving for.

We are all on this planet together and there is room for everyone.  Let’s continue to raise our vibration, in maintaining a post-Covid community of showing love and kindness to our neighbours and those in dire need, in the hope that one day we and future generations will live in a peace full world.

Rosie x