Here are my Top 5 Tips to Stay Calm

  • Breathe, inhale positivity and exhale negativity
  • Focus on both feet planted firmly in the ground (or visualise yourself standing in earth, sand or grass), close your eyes, breathe and really notice your feet until you feel re-connected or a sense of you coming back to earth, so to speak!
  • Try Camomile tea. Remember to be mindful as you sip. Try wrapping your hands around the warm cup and inhale its relaxing effects. Camomile also soothes stomach muscles and works to reduce inflammation and cramping
  • Lavender oil or spray. A few drops on your pillow at night or one or two sprays in the room you’re in.
  • Focus on positives in your life. Doesn’t need to be an earth-shattering Wow! There are always plenty of small ones in your day, something as simple as ‘I had a nice lunch today’ or ‘This jumper feels nice and snug’!

What do you do to stay calm?