Yesterday, I had an uplifting experience with Dr. Bruno Borens and the medical staff at Institut Du Sein in Nice. I was there for an MRI breast review. Thankfully, it all went well and I follow up with a routine review next year.

For anyone who has never had an MRI, the anticipation of the noise and fear of claustrophobia can be daunting (despite CoVid restrictions and having to wear a mask), it is worthwhile planning what you want to think about in advance, as a distraction. They told me it takes 10 minutes tops so I decided to focus on breathing and set an intention to be calm. If the noise felt a bit much, I reverted back to my breathing or sang along to Ed Sheeran, pumped through the sound system. Then I sent love and gratitude to every person in the unit looking after me, for how they too are living with fear of CoVid and for not letting that impede my experience. The care and attention given to me was with innate respect, grace and humour. (Our Franglais conversations led to some comical moments of misunderstanding but we worked/laughed it out.)

I did plenty of personal preparation work in advance of yesterday in order to ensure my best outcome. I practiced my Reiki self-healing techniques, became more mindful of what I ate and cut out alcohol for the last two weeks. I meditated and visualised a positive outcome – two thumbs up and a smile from Dr Borens and me feeling reassured.

And today, I feel better and calmer as I have now got this sorted. It’s all over for now and life has resumed as normal.

Quite often women don’t bother following up an offer of a breast check or cervical smear screening service because you are too busy. ‘Now’ is always the right time to do it. Don’t throw it on the junk mail pile – call them, that’s what they are there for.
Stay healthy. You’re worth it!

Rosie 🌹💖