Have you ever received some unexpected news that threw you off balance for the rest of the day?

When that happened to me, I found it impossible to concentrate and get back on track. My stress levels would soar, my head would spin and then that awful feeling of losing control would take over.

Sometimes, even a short meditation doesn’t cut it as your brain is so wired, you can’t sit still long enough to concentrate or maybe you’ve sprayed lavender everywhere or knocked back a glass or two of wine.

When working with my clients, I recommend taking five minutes out to step into the fresh air, plant both feet firmly in some grass, sand or earth, close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths maybe feel the wind on your face or listen to the birds and say:

All is well and all will be well.
I am love, light and positivity.

This can be a really effective way to de-stress quickly.

You can listen to a short grounding technique in My Meditations.

Rosie xx