When it’s Time to Get Creative!

You’ve a demanding job and you are so exhausted every evening that you just want to chill out, watch Graham Norton and attack that tube of Pringles that’s been calling out to you then wash it down with a couple of glasses of wine.

We all have nights where we just want to switch off from the world. And why not? It’s tough out there especially these days. Besides, we all deserve a treat now and then.

But when does a treat turn into a habit?

Have you considered that by doing something you really love can be an effective way of de-stressing and calming your mind?

How about committing to spend one hour a week working out what your dream project might be? Journal, sketch or draw an outline of what that might look like or simply watch a short YouTube video on your favourite subject?

Allow your thoughts to expand and see what unfolds.

Rosie xx