One-on-One Sessions

From Stress to Calm is a person to person online program. There are no group classes or recorded sessions.

As individuals, we are all on our own life path so no two people have the same mind-set. Therefore, I work on the course modules which will work best for you.

We will connect at an agreed date and time every week for one hour via Zoom, Whatsapp call/video or whichever you are most comfortable with.

In each session, we will go through any issues that came up during the past week and look at what  worked for you or if there are any changes to be made.  Then, we continue moving forward and focus on another aspect of wellness specially designed for you to bring you closer to your goals.

If you feel this course is for you and would like to know more, let’s have a 30 minute discovery call to find out if we are a good fit. 

If we are a good fit, fantastic! It will be a pleasure to work with you.  If we feel we’re not, that’s totally ok too. There will not be any hard feelings & NO obligation on your part.

I only work with women who are the perfect fit for my program.

My course dates start at specified dates and times as I only work with three women at a time.  That way, I can dedicate my time and energy into making it the best experience with the best outcome for each of you.

To book a discovery call, please click the button below and book an appointment.