Eliminate Exam Stress is for young adults who are struggling to manage their thoughts, emotions and energy while preparing for exams.


In our four-week workshop, you will learn clear practical and mindful techniques, along with daily habits to practice that will help you tackle exam stress head-on, allowing you to perform at your best without anxiety about preparation time, information retention, comparisons with others.

Practising new habits is like learning to ride a bike or play an instrument, each time you practice, you will experience a deeper and calmer connection to your mind and body.

These practices will serve as a reminder when feelings of self-doubt, fear or overwhelm attempt to creep back in and sabotage your plans for greatness.

They will also serve you in all aspects of your life long into the future as an adult.

What You Can Expect from Our Weekly Sessions

Guided Meditations

Every week, we have a new meditation theme to help you connect with good vibes in your mind, heart, and body.

Self-Heal Energy Techniques

If you are feeling uncomfortable, tense or fearful, these methods can help ease your feelings so that you can re-focus on your studies or exam with renewed confidence.


When you notice those negative thoughts creeping in, think about how you'd support a friend in the same situation. What would you say to them?

Replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations is a powerful way to boost your self-esteem so that you fully believe in yourself and are deserving of achieving great exam results.

Journal Prompts

Specifically chosen to help you navigate your exam stress. Keep a record of your thoughts and intentions, reduce stress and anxiety, find inspiration, and connect with the natural flow of your thoughts.

Inclusive Group Activities

Thoughtful conversations and ideas exchange.


Develop an awareness of your patterns of behaviour, notice what distracts you and create effective strategies to help you re-focus.

Practical Steps

Practical steps and reminders to support you to stay on track with your new practices outside of our sessions together.

What Students Can Expect to Gain from Each Session

Feeling calmer than when they arrived.

  • Specific action steps to take between sessions that will support you to stay on track with your new practices.

    Reminders of techniques practiced during each session.

  • Recordings of the meditation practices from each workshop so that you can continue this practice on a daily basis in your preparation for study and exam time.

Resources: You will receive copies of course materials, resources and detailed handouts of techniques and meditation recordings.

What Students Say

  • “I got to learn many new things regarding stress and how to deal with it, especially the affirmations which have great power. It is good to say them, as I get reminded that I am capable and that I am worthy. Thank you for that.”
  • “Thank you so much for such a fabulous course. It really was brilliant it was great to start the week with such a relaxed feeling after the meditations. I've learnt some fantastic tools to help with my anxiety and stress so thank you so so much.”
  • “My daughter is really enjoying this. She might not show it but has taken a lot on board and says she's learnt a lot about managing stress. So just wanted to say thank you. I'm on a WhatsApp group with tons of school mums, so next time you do a course I'll put it on there and say how great she found it!”
    Louise (Mum)
  • “Thank you very much for having me in the programme. I really learnt a lot and will definitely be using some of the exercises and meditations in the future.”

It is my intention to bring a strong yet calm and positive energy to our session so that you leave with an overall feeling of calm, clear-mindedness and an awareness that you already have what it takes to get the results you want.

Your exams are an external demonstration of what you have learned and studied up to this point. They do not define who you are on the inside!

Every single of us has our own unique flavour and view of the world which means each of us has the potential to do so many things have never been done before.

If you don’t have a clear vision or goal of what that looks like right now, that is OK!

Trust that it will become clear one day and that all you have learned has led you to this moment in time.

Rosie's Background

Rosie Nolan, Calming Coach is a qualified Erickson Mindset Coach and Usui trained Reiki energy healer.

She works with people who want to take back control of their emotional health so that they overcome recurring challenges that keep getting in the way of achieving their goals to create a healthy study-work- life balance and by taking action steps that have a positive impact on all aspects of their wellbeing.

Rosie also offers private 1:1 coaching sessions online. See www.calmingcoach.com for more.


Who is this for: Young adults aged 13 to 19

When: Four consecutive Mondays beginning 6th May until Monday 27th May 2024. Classes start at 20h00 CET / 19h00 GMT

Duration: Each session last 45 minutes

Venue: Online via Zoom

Price: €70.Closing date to register and pay for this 4-week workshop is Tuesday 30th April 2024

Spaces are limited so please book early

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This workshop has almost sold out. To join the waitlist please contact me via email at waitlist@calmingcoach.com if you wish to be notified of a place becoming available.